About Us

Our Story

Christhellas belongs to the group of companies of Michael Vottas’ family. The company has been active in Greece since 1962 the year that Mary Pesketzi took on to establish in Greece the French House of Christofle. Regarding the circumstances of the time, Pavillon Christofle with Mary Pesketzi managed to conquer the Greek market and won its confidence.

Her work was continued by her daughter the late Leoni Nissioti – Votta who had the vision to make Pavillion Christofle synonymous to the Art de la Table and which she succeeded in fulfilling, thus attracting customers of a high aesthetic standard.


Today, Christhellas is one of the most successful Greek companies. Under the constant supervision and guidance of Michael Vottas, the company owns four luxurious Pavillon Christofle, at the most commercial streets of Athens and other cities. Christhellas, has extended its activity by adding two of the largest Houses in the world of the Art de la Table, Bernardaud and St. Louis.

In the fifty – five and more years course of Christhellas, Michael Vottas in collaboration with his specialized staff, has focused his attention in offering high quality goods and service.

Our Brands

The company was founded by Charles Christofle in 1830 and managed to expand to the forthcoming generations and dominate in the international market. The Christofle silver managed to grace the tables of Napoleon, ministers and ambassadors, princes and maharajas as well as the middle class. Since its creation the company is a witness and participant of taste and customs as well as different styles from Art Nouveau and Art Deco to the most contemporary trends of the minimalism.

When we talk today about French porcelain the major reference is Bernardaud in Limoges. Since 1863 the success of the company has been tied to a legacy that fuses tradition, innovation, artistic creation and industrial growth. All these define the richness, vitality and the unique character of Bernardaud. Apart from its tableware collections the House has significant collaborations with distinguished artists such as Jeff Koons, Mark Chagall, Sophie Call, Sarkis, Alekos Fassianos and more others.

St. Louis is one of the largest and most important Houses of crystal in the world, with a presence of more than five centuries. In 1767 Louis XV conferred the title of Royal Glassware of Saint Louis to it. Unrivalled crystal, handmade, dense clear, sonorous and luminus born of a ball of fire and the breath of a man. St. Louis managed to blend the huge legacy that he inherited from history with the creative imagination of contemporary trends. The collection includes creations for the table, vases, candleholders and chandeliers of unique glow.