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ROYAL CHEF Oak Paring Knife


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Multipurpose, the paring knife is a must-have in traditional cooking. Its small and sharp blade enables him to peel and cut small pieces of food. True to its values of ingenuity and daring creativity, Christofle is surprising us once again with its sense of innovation. Drawing inspiration from new lifestyle habits, the house is shaking up the traditional codes of luxury to offer accomplished solutions. Christofle is rethinking approach to entertaining and is now entering the beating heart of the modern interior, where meals are created. Preparing meals to delight the taste buds is a key moment nowadays: everyone likes to take part, discuss, and add their personal touch… in fine style, thanks to Christofle’s beautiful designs. Experience this new art of sharing with friends and family in an open, friendly space!


Length 20.7 cm
Width 2.2 cm

1 in stock (can be backordered)